10 Mei 2010

spying using keylogger

I have a friend who already married and has children, the friend is a good friend of mine, we were always together since elementary school until we both worked at company, one time my friend called me, he is talking about the development of his children who love to play Internet, he was so happy and proud with his children, but in other hand, he was worried about the bad effects of the internet, while he and his wife are very busy and rarely stayed at home, his son was in the care of a maid, my friend asked me is there any tool to monitor their children activity on the internet?? I directly answered the question by asking him a question, why do not you use a Keylogger tool on your computer??

I know this is the first time he heard about Keylogger, so i directly describe it to him, i told him Keylogger or Keystroke logging is a tool to monitor your computer by tracking everything which typed in keyboard, the keylogger will give you a chance to monitor your children by reading the log files

So after you back from work, you can continue Tracking computer activities so you can also tracking your children activities in internet, the another advantage using this tool is you can also knowing your children's account password in every social networking's site that your children logging in, so in other word you can protect your children from every bad effects of internet such as stalker, adult content, malware sites, and many more

then he asked, where could he get it?? I returned to give advice to him, if so many out there who sell equipment like this, but many were disappointed, therefore I encourage my friends to buy it from www.brickhousesecurity.com that it already has good credibility and reliable,

after talking for a long time, my friend intend to end the call because he felt he had found a solution, but as a good friend, i give another solution to maximize his protection to his family, I just say back to him, why not buy Video Surveillance Kits to oversee the activities at home and of course increase the security for him and his family.


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