25 Januari 2010

video hosting

I have friends who are entrepreneurs and one a businessman, when there is an opportunity to meet with me to talk about business and business strategies, as more and more absorbed in conversation, my friend gave a view of applied information technology in business

the opinions of my friends is an information technology support is very effective in business acceleration, because with our information technology can speed up the transaction and the company closer to customers, I agree with my friend, that information technology can in many ways such as creating a special website and make some writing in it or just take advantage of multimedia like video clips

comparison between just making a special website with writing and making a video and upload to video hosting site and attach the website, certainly the most interesting is the video as more attractive

talking about the video, we can not campaign with video over the Internet without uploading to a video hosting, the next question is where the place to upload the video.

while surfing the internet, I found a website that can be turned into a video hosting, the web site is address in b2b.viddler.com in whichViddler online video for business, on this website you can upload your videos, save the video, and embed these videos and spread them around your property website. this video hosting sites also support many video formats such as 3g2 .3gp. asf. avi. dv. flv. mov. mpg. mpg2. mpeg2. mpeg4. mp4. qt. wmv

if you are still confused about the video that is attached at the website you can see the example at Video on CNN

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